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from 1999

A History of 20th Century Jewelry

Written by Richard Whitehouse, this is one of our best and most extensive articles . It covers jewelry from periods including Art Nouveau, Art Deco, 1930s-40s, the Second World War and after and Contemporary.  Many wonderful pictures and great information.


Is it Silver?

An article by Sheryl Gross Shatz that answers questions regarding different types of white metals and their marks.  Great information and pictures of marks.


Comments on Silver Jewelry of the Middle East

An article by Ann Garner about the jewelry of  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Anatolia, and South to Yemen.  Great photographs and information.

June-July, 2000

Macchiarini on Macchiarini

An article by Daniel and Peter Macchiarini and Jill Crawford including five pages of autobiographical information about Peter and Daniel Macchiarini and a poem by Jill Crawford-- many photographs.

-       Blow the Gaff

A witty column by Maggie Snell, interesting comments about collecting antiques.

Aug.-Sept. 2000

Bjorn Weckstrom .

An article by Vanessa Paterson including biographical information about Bjorn Weckstrom, many photographs


Enamored of Enamel

An article by Susan Crosby--a "how to buy enamel jewelry" guide with photographs.

Treasures of the 20th Century

An article by Maggie Snell and Vanessa Paterson--critique of a millennium exhibition of jewelry held at Goldsmiths' Hall, London, 25 May-21 July, 2000, photographs.


Marne Ryan

An article by Patrick Kapty on the life and work of California jeweler Marne Ryan.

Interview with Sigi Pineda

Sigi Pineda interview and article by Sheila Pamfiloff and Javier (Javi) Olivares.

Comments from readers:

"My mother worked at the Seattle World's Fair in the Mexican pavilion with Rafael Pineda, and following that we spent every summer in Taxco with his family. she represented the work of Sigi Pineda, we listened to Gabriel's wonderful guitar, and we fell completely in love with Taxco. It made me very happy to read your article. Thanks again for your lovely interview! "

Back to the Future Bronze Age

Article on bronze, brass, and copper jewelry by Maggie Snell and Vanessa Paterson.


Interview with Antonio Pineda

Interview with Antonio Pineda by Patrick Kapty-- many photographs.


Catalogs, Journals, and Books, Oh My!

Article by Patrick Kapty showing  Scandinavian jewelry ads from the 1970s with  great photos and information on Scandinavian artists.



End of an Era

Maggie Snell, in her continuing series "Tales from the Edge" talks about the difficulties of buying and selling antiques in today's marketplace.


Patania: 70 years of Excellence, Part I of  II

Article by Shari Miller on Patania jewelry-- many photographs.

A Show of Hands

Article by Ellis Anderson on the metal sculpture of Lee Robertson-- many photographs.

    Tales from the Edge

Column by Maggie Snell on jewelry collecting.


Patania: 70 years of Excellence, Part II

Article by Shari Miller on Patania jewelry-- many photographs.


Basic Hallmark Identification

Article by Christie Romero on hallmark identification, many photographs.


Ruskins, Wearable Jewels of the Arts & Crafts Movement

Article by Sheila Sindelar about Ruskin pottery jewelry, many photographs ..


The Wonderful World of Norman Grant

Article by Vanessa Frisbee on the work of Scottish jeweler Norman Grant-- many photographs


The Jewelry of Gina Pankowski

Article by Patrick Kapty on the work of contemporary jeweler Gina Pankowski-- many photographs .


The Word on the Street is Discreet

Column by Maggie Snell about the types of jewelry people are choosing to wear at the present time.

    State of the Market

Column by Patrick Kapty on the state of the modern silver market.


Interview with Betty Cooke

An interview with Betty Cooke by  Marbeth Schon-- many photographs.

  My Favorite Things

Article by Pat Seal regarding her research through Harpers and Vogue magazines for vintage jewelry ads--many photographs.

    State of the Market

Column by Patrick Kapty on the state of the modern silver market.


Art Nouveau to Art Deco

Article by Richard Whitehouse on the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements, very well researched,  many photographs.

  Architectonic Jewelry

Article by Patrick Kapty on modernist architectonic jewelry , wonderful photographs.


Antonio Castillo Memorial

Information on the memorial service honoring Antonio Castillo, wonderful early photograph of Antonio Castillo by Penny Morrill.

    State of the Market

Article by Patrick Kapty on the sate of the modern jewelry market after September 11, 2001.


The Wearable Art Movement Part I

Article by Marbeth Schon about the Walker Art Center's exhibition in 1948, Modern Jewelry Under $50.00-- many photographs and biographies of early modernist jewelers.
  Modern for Men

Article by Patrick Kapty on the modernist jewelry movement and how it related and relates today to men's jewelry-- great photographs.

    State of the Market

Column by Patrick Kapty on the modern jewelry market at the beginning of 2002.


Cher Fox, Sculptor/Jeweler

Article by Marbeth Schon about Baton Rouge sculptor/jeweler, Cher Fox-- many photographs.

  State of the Market

Column by Patrick Kapty on the modern jewelry market.


The Wearable Art Movement, Part II

Article by Marbeth Schon about the 1955 Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, exhibit of modernist jewelry, includes biographies of participating jewelers and many photographs of work.


Yumi Ueno, Jewelry Artist

Article by Patrick Kapty about the incredible designs of contemporary jeweler, Yumi Ueno-- many photographs of her work.

Aug.- Sept

The Jewelry of Hawaii

Article by Sheryl Gross Shatz about the history and designs of Hawaiian jewelry-- many photographs

Karen McCreary, Space, Light, Reflection

Article by Patrick Kapty about contemporary jeweler Karen McCreary, many photographs of her amazing jewelry designs. 

Oct - Nov.

Maestros de Plata, William Spratling and Mexico's Silver Renaissance

Sneak Preview by Patrick Kapty of the Maestros de Plata exhibit at the San Antonio Museum of Art-- many photos of fabulous Mexican silver jewelry.

Ruth Roach, Uncommon Jeweler

Article by Marbeth Schon about American Studio jeweler Ruth Roach-- many interesting photos of her work as well as some vintage photos.


Else Berntsen Hughes, in Memoriam

Article by B. Lennart Persson and Svein G. Josefsen about the life and work of Norwegian jeweler  Else Hughes and her husband and partner, Paul Hughes--many wonderful photographs of work.


ROACH2, a love story

Fascinating article by Marbeth Schon about Patsy and Bill Roach ,creators of Roach2 jewelry--many photos of their beautiful jewelry designs.

Scan it or Snap it, The Digital Debate

Article by Maggie Snell about creating photographs for the Internet.  She discusses scanning vs. digital photography. Well illustrated with examples of scans and photographs.


Winfield Fine Art in Jewelry, a Fusion of Art & Scientific Discovery

Article by Marbeth Schon about Winfield Fine Art in Jewelry and the artists who created small works of art which were encased in acrylics and made into jewelry during the years 1946-47 in New York's Greenwich Village-- many photographs.

The Enamels of Susan Knopp

Article by Marbeth Schon regarding the wonderful enamel jewelry of contemporary artist Susan Knopp--many photographs


Lilyan Bachrach, Enamelist / Author

Article by Marbeth Schon with autobiography by Lilyan Bachrach regarding the work and life of enamelist Lilyan Bachrach


Maestros de Plata, William Spratling and Mexico's Silver Renaissance, Los Angeles Preview

Preview by Fred Krieger of the traveling exhibit, Maestros de Plata which took place at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles California June 20-September 14, 2003--many photographs.


William Spratling Hallmarks, A More Detailed Look At His Early Hallmarks

Article by Phyllis Goddard regarding the early hallmarks of William Spratling, many photographs of Spratling silver and hallmarks.


Abstractions, A Sampling of Modern Canadian Jewellers (1960-1980)

Article by Roberta Peach including information and photographs of modern Canadian jewelry designers.

Feb. - March

Secrets of the Gem Trade, Margaret De Patta and the American Lapidary Renaissance

Article by Richard W. Wise about the evolution of the art of lapidary and some of the great gem carvers of the 20th century.

April - May

Maestros de Plata, William Spratling and Mexico's Silver Renaissance, Tulane University, New Orleans

Review by Marbeth Schon of the Maestros de Plata Exhibit at Newcomb Art Gallery, Tulane University, New Orleans, photographs.

  Mary Schimpff-Webb, A Career Devoted to Excellence

Article by Marbeth Schon excerpted from her book, Modernist Jewelry, 1930-1960, The Wearable Art Movement about the life and work of modernist jeweler Mary Schimpff-Webb, many beautiful photographs.

  Dutch Arts & Crafts Jewelry--the Amsterdam School, 1900-1940

Article by Ginger Moro about the rare and beautiful jewelry of the Amsterdam School, many beautiful photos of jewelry and hallmarks.


Victoria Tillotson, Jeweler . Intellectual . Rebel

Article by Victoria Tillotson about her passion for jewelry and her own fabulous creations, many incredible photographs.


Belgian Art Deco Silver

Article by Martine D’Haeseleer about Belgian silver of the Art Deco period and its makers, many photographs of jewelry and hallmarks.
  Swedish Hallmarks on Silver and Other Precious Metals

Article by B. Lennart Persson & Svein G. Josefsen about Swedish hallmarks on silver hollowware and jewelry, great photographs of hallmarks.

Oct -Nov.

Chicago Silver

Article about American Arts & Crafts metalwork with an emphasis on the Midwest, especially Chicago by  Many great photos.

Dec. - Jan.

Cher Fox, Breathing Life Into Metal

Article by Marbeth Schon about contemporary sculptor / jeweler Cher Fox. numerous photographs.

Feb.- Mar.

Christoffersen Designed

Article by Marbeth Schon about  Danish/American silversmith Kurt Eric Christoffersen, great photos of his work and marks.
  Contemporary New Zealand Jewelry, Avid Gallery

Article by Marbeth Schon about contemporary New Zealand jewelers, especially those showing at the Avid Gallery in Wellington. Many great photos.
  Modern Norwegian Silver Hallmarks

Article by B. Lennart Persson & Svein G. Josefsen about Norwegian silver marks with an abundance of marks photos.

June - Aug.

Lois Franke Warren, In Her Own Words

Article written in most part by Lois Franke Warren about her jewelry and its inspirations; many wonderful photographs of her work.

Philippe Wolfers’ Japonism in Belgium

Article by Martine D'Haeseleer regarding the work of Philippe Wolfers, especially a tiny mocha set (the missing link?); many great photos of silver pieces and marks.

Sept. - Nov.

Uncle Frank

A personal story by Patricia Riveron Lee about Frank Rebajes and the relationship of her family with Rebajes and his wife, Pauline; many photos and original drawings.

Comment from readers:

This article is so beautifully written I am in tears. I have been following Rebajes for years. This woman should write a screenplay. As good or greater than" Georg Jensen this is the most underrated silversmith of the twentieth century. The Burkholtz book did not really understand him. A Calder, Picasso he was a genius. Audrey Adams."

"Thank you for sharing such an amazing and personal story. I just found a piece of jewelry and did not know anything about Mr. Rebajes, googled and found your story. Beautiful work. You are very lucky to have such a connection with such an artist. Thank you again."

Hello, I enjoyed your story of Fransisco Rebajes so much. Thank you for writing it and posting it on the internet. What an interesting and fulfilling life you have led.


Dec. - Feb.
2005 - 2006

Marcin Zaremski, Modernism in Silver

An interview with Polish modernist jeweler, Marcin Zaremski by Ron and Barbara Marshall. Photo of Zaremski in his home town of Warsaw and wonderful photos of his jewelry.

  Antonio Pineda, An Interview from Taxco

An amazing two part article by Gabrielle Stodd who traveled to Taxco to speak with Antonio Pineda.  Many exceptional photographs.

March - May

Continuing Exploration, The Opening of Macchiarini Creative Design & Metalworks Gallery

Article by Marbeth Schon about the opening of Macchiarini Creative Design & Metalworks Gallery and the metalwork of Daniel Macchiarini as he continues the explorations of form begun by his father, Peter Macchiarini. Many great photographs.

Theresia Hvorslev, A Passion for Nordic Nature

Article by  B. Lennart Persson & Svein G. Josefsen about the beautiful naturalistic, but modern jewelry by Swedish metalsmith/designer Thersia Hvorslev. Many photographs.
  Silverware from the Belgian Workshop  Wolfers Frères in the Belle Epoque Period

Article by Martine D’Haeseleer about Belgian silversmith Wolfers Frères; many excellent photographs including pictures of hallmarks.

June - Aug

Heurs et Malheurs d’un Collectionneur: a little story by Francis Michel

A wonderful little story with pictures about the adventures of French jewelry collector Francis Michel.


Marirose Jelicich natural evolution

Article by Marbeth Schon about Sacramento-based jeweler, metalsmith Marirose Jelicich.  Many photographs of Marirose's jewelry and hollowware.

  Malcolm Appleby, Silversmith, Engraver, Jeweler

A review by Maggie Snell of the
Retrospective Exhibition at Goldsmiths' Hall, City of London, 19 May  to 1July, 2006. Maggie's article deals with Appleby and his work and includes an actual interview and many wonderful photographs.

Sept. - Nov.

Woven in Time, The Intimate Relationship Between Costume and Jewelry

A review by Elyse Karlin of a two-day conference at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Oct. 7-8, 2006. Includes photographs.
  Objects of Desire, 500 Years of Jewelry

A review of this show from the Newark museum by Fran Shreiber. The exhibit includes jewelry from the 1500's through contemporary. Includes photographs.

Dec. - Feb.

French Vs. German Modernist Enamel Jewelry (1930's - 1960's)

Article by Ginger Moro explaining the differences between the opposing stylistic approaches to the decorative arts of France and Germany during the early 20th century.   Great photographs.
  Modernism in American Silver, 20th Century Design

A review of the exhibit and catalog, "Modernism in American Silver, 20th Century Design" by Marbeth Schon.  The exhibit opened at the Dallas Museum of Art and covered the American silver collection of Jewel Stern.  The article includes many wonderful photographs and a link to order the catalog.

March - May

The Schmuckmuseum

An article by Fran Schreiber written after she visited the Schmuchmuseum in  Pforzheim, Germany, which is the only museum in the world devoted exclusively to jewelry. The collection spans several centuries from the third millennium through the early 21st  century. Great article with several beautiful photographs.


Bejewelled by Tiffany, 1837 - 1987

A review by Marbeth Schon of the catalog, Bejewelled by Tiffany, 1837-1987 for the exhibit of the same name that took place in London at the Gilbert Collection in late 2006 until January of 2007. It was the largest collection Tiffany items ever shown up to that date. The article is full of wonderful photographs and information.

June - Aug

Rising Stars:A blazing trail of new talent

The Goldsmith's Company's 2007summer exhibition featured Jewelery and silverware by some of the brightest designer-makers in the creative galaxy!  Great photographs and information about some of Britains best contemporary jewelers. 

  Expressions of Japonisme in Wolfers' Art Nouveau: a  curvilinear parallelism with America

Article by by Martine D’Haeseleer about Wolfer's Art Nouveau silverware; excellent hallmark information and photographs.

Sept. - Nov.

Agnes Seebass, Modern Maestro

Article by Marbeth Schon about contemporary Mexican modernist jeweler, Agnes Seebass. Wonderful photographs of her work.


Dec. - Feb.

COBRE Matl, Matilde Poulat Copper Candlesticks

A fascinating short article by Fred Zweig about his hunt for matching Matilde Poulat copper candlesticks. Great photos of Matilde Poulat copper.



Painting with Fire, MASTERS OF ENAMELING IN AMERICA, 1930-1980

A review by Marbeth Schon of the excellent book and exhibit of this title. Great information about American enamelists and many great photographs.

March - May

Macefield, Goldsmith & Silversmith

A wonderful article by jeweler Harvey Kornicks who reminisces about his time working in the shop of William Mason and Leonard Field.  Excellent photograph of jewelry by Macefield, Harvey Kornicks, and Mark Allen.

  Calder Jewelry

A review by Marbeth Schon of the book Calder Jewelry edited by Alexander S.C. Rower and Holton Rower with contributions by Mark Rosenthal and Jane Adlin.  It is the book that accompanied the First Exhibition of Alexander Calder's Jewelry, at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach Florida . Many fabulous photographs.

June - August

Treasures of the English Church, Sacred Gold and Silver, 800 - 2000

A review of this exhibit at Goldsmiths' Hall, London that took place in the summer of 2008 with some of the best examples of sacred gold and silver created between the years 800 - 2000.  Wonderful photographs.



From the Village to Vogue The Modernist Jewelry of Art Smith

A review by Fran Schreiber of this exhibit which is at the Brooklyn Museum until May 17, 2009.  This small and intimate exhibit includes 21 pieces that were in the artist’s possession when he died.  Initially left to his sister, the collection passed to Charles Russell, Smith’s partner, who has donated the collection to the Brooklyn Museum.  Great photographs and slide show.

  Silver Seduction, The art of Mexican Modernist, Antonio Pineda.

A review by Sheila Pamfiloff of this exhibit that took place at the Fowler Museum, UCLA through March 15, 2009.  Many great photographs of Pineda jewelry as well as of Antonio Pineda, his family, and friends.

  American Modernist Jewelry, 1940 - 1970

A review by Marbeth Schon of this exhibit at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art that ran through August, 2008.  Many photographs and slide show of the exhibit.


Marianne Hunter, Poetic Symphonies

An article by Marbeth Schon about the magnificent jeweled and enameled pieces created by metal artist Marianne Hunter.  The article includes wonderful color photographs of Marianne's jewelry together with her poetry.


David Jones, Three Dimensional Animator

An interview with Kutztown, Pennsylvania jeweler, David Jones with excellent photographs of his fascinating mixed materials jewely and art objects. 

New Modernist--Vinnie Miller, Jewelry Artist

An article by New York modernist jeweler, Vinnie Miller whose inspiration is the body of work done by mid 20th century American metalsmiths such as Calder, Art Smith, etc.  Many photographs of her fabulous, twisted wire jewelry.

2009 - 2010

Jewelry in Motion,Tthe Modernist Art of Ruth Berridge

An article by Jacqueline Rehmann about mid 20th-century New York jeweler Ruth Berridge whose abstract expressionist, sometimes cubist designs rival the work of the best modernist artists.  Many photographs of Ruth Berridge and her jewelry.

Heidi Abrahamson, a beautiful balancing art

An article by Marbeth Schon with many photographs of the modernist jewelry of contemporary artist, Heidi Abrahamson.


An Interview with Sam Patania

An interview with Arizona, third generation metalsmith, Sam Patania by Marbeth Schon.  Great photographs of  Sam Patania's one-of-kind masterpieces in silver and gold.

Hiroshi Suzuki - Silver Waves

A dynamic exhibition of silver vessels by internationally acclaimed Japanese silversmith Hiroshi Suzuki At Goldsmiths’ Hall, London.  Photographs of her work.


Aaron Rubinstein, An Interview

An interview with American studio jeweler, Aaron Rubinstein by Marbeth Schon.  Many photographs of Mr. Rubinstein's exceptional early, modernist work.



Some Little Known Enamelists (to me) I'd like to Know Better

An article by Patrick Kapty with great pictures and information about (mostly 20th century) lesser-known American and European enamelists.


Ole Bent Peterson
Pop Art + Realism in Denmark: jewelry + metalwork

An article by Ute Mirbach regarding the varied and interesting work of Danish goldsmith Ole Bent Petersen.  Great photographs.


Mindful of Silver, The journey of a vessel from conception to completion

A dynamic and revelatory exhibition by 12 leading contemporary British silversmiths at Goldsmiths' Hall from Friday May 27 to Saturday July 16, 2011.  Excellent photographs.




A review by Maja Houtman of the 2010
International Jewelry Art Fair in the Netherlands called SIERAAD. The fair takes place each year in the first week in November from Thursday through Sunday. The strength of this fair is that the participants are all jewelry makers--there are no retailers.  Great photographs of contemporary jewelry!


A review by Maja Houtman of the contemporary silver section at pAn (Pictura Antiquairs Nationaal) Art Fair in Amsterdam, 2010.  Great pictures.


Winifred Mason, Extraordinary Coppersmith

An article by Marbeth Schon with Gwen Houston about mid 20th century coppersmith Winifred Mason.  Some excellent photographs.


Collaboration in Taxco: Carl Pappe and Bernice Goodspeed

An article by Sheryl A. Fiegel about the collaboration of artists Carl Pappe and Bernice Goodspeed in mid 20th century Taxco.  Excellent information and photographs.


Tefaf, 2011

Review by Maja Houtman of the
European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht.  Excellent information and photographs of the jewelry.

Hammerclub Meeting, 2011

Review by Maja Houtman of the  Hammerclub annual international meeting in Antwerp, from April 26 to May 1, 2011. The Hammerclub originated in Germany.  A group of silversmiths meet annually to exchange ideas and knowledge. Many excellent photographs and information about the artists who were involved.



San Diego's Craft Revolution exhibition

A review by Patrick Kapty of "San Diego's Craft Revolution" Exhibit at the Mingei Museum in Balboa Park in San Diego.  Stunning examples of studio modernist jewelry by Ruth and Svetozar Radakovitch, Jackson and Ellamarie Woolley, James Parker, Jack Boyd, Barney Reid, and Arline Fisch, among others.


Art Deco Jewelry with plastic

An article by Patrick Kapty about Art Deco Bakelite.  Excellent text and many beautiful photographs.


Jewelry Repair Q's & A's, an Interview with Kathy Reseka

An interesting and informative interview with jewelry restorer Kathy Reska by Martha Trachtenberg

California Design 1930-1965: "Living in a Modern Way"

A review by Patrick Kapty of an exhibit at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), titled California Design 1930-1965: "Living in a Modern Way", many great photographs of mid 20th century jewelry, furniture, pottery, etc.


chenet d'HAITI: the story, an Interview with Jacques Chenet

An Interview, by Marbeth Schon, with Jacques Chenet about his brother, Jean Chenet who was an accomplished artist and businessman who, together with his wife, Winifred Mason, created the jewelry marked "chenet d'HAITI."   Great vintage photographs.


Oswaldo Guayasamin ,  Artist & Humanitarian

An excellent and beautifully illustrated article by Patrick Kapty about Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamin, who is recognized as  one of the greatest artists of Latin America, if not the world, of the 20th century.


SIERAAD Art Fair, Amsterdam,  3-6 November 2011

A review, by Maja Houtman, of the SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair that celebrated its 10th year in 2011 in Amsterdam with over 150 jewelers from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, England, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Greece, Canada, and Finland.  Great photographs of the jewelry and sculpture.


Space-Light-Structure: The Jewelry of Margaret De Patta

A review of the first major retrospective on the work of Margaret de Patta that opened at the Museum of Art & Design in New York City on June 23rd, 2012 and ran through September 23, 2012.   Many photographs.


Meesterlijk, 2011

A review by Maja Houtman of Meesterlijk, 2011, a fair for design and applied arts, Amsterdam.  Many great photographs.


2012 - 2013

The Spratling-Taxco Collection at Tulane University's Latin American Library

An article by celebrated Mexican jewelry historian, Penny Morrill about the extensive collection of papers, photographs, and information regarding Taxco's silver industry and silversmiths housed at Tulane University's Latin American Library in New Orleans.  Many interesting photographs.


An Interview with Joseph Gatto

An interview in two parts by Marbeth Schon with Los Angeles teacher, author, and most of all accomplished jewelry /artist, Joseph Gatto.  There are many photographs of the unique jewelry expressions Gatto creates with varied media.


All About Cufflinks

An amazing five part article by Patrick Kapty that covers in text and photographs, the history of cufflinks from the 18th century to the present! There is also a section about mid 20th century jeweler/cufflink creator, Harold Fithian.



Extraordinary Boxes, the Artistry of Mary Schimpff-Webb

An article by Marbeth Schon presenting the amazingly intricate gold, silver, and gemstone handmade boxes of artist/jeweler Mary Schimpff-Webb. Many excellent photographs.

Allied Craftsmen Today, Thirty-seven Members of the Allied Craftsmen of San Diego Featured in Juried Exhibition at Mingei International Museum.

Allied Craftsmen Today opened June 15, 2013, at Mingei International Museum. The show features over 100 pieces never before exhibited, made by members of one of the few remaining craftsmen’s groups in the nation. The exhibition showcases recent work by thirty-seven of the current members of the Allied Craftsmen of San Diego. Photographs included.

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