Remembering Lolly Commanday
Lolly Commanday died on March 4, 2007. 

Many of our SilverForum members knew her and wished to express their thoughts and memories of Lolly on a special page in her honor.

She was a presence! Lolly was exceptionally
knowledgeable, with a great eye for many types of
jewelry. She loved being with people and enjoyed
sharing information.

Penny Morrill


Today, I was saddened to hear of the death of Lolly Commanday, a great lady
of tremendous wit and intelligence and one of our very first SilverForum

When we first started MODERN SILVER magazine, almost seven years ago, we had
a chat room opening party with virtual champagne. Lolly was with us and we
had a wonderful time. Since that time I had several more opportunities to
chat with her about jewelry and collecting. She was always gracious and upbeat,
even as she battled the cancer that finally took her from us.

Marbeth Schon


Hello All,
Won't we miss Lolly with her big voice and short body.....her determination and sense of humor at the same time.
How sad......
as Lolly knew me...
Janice from St. Louis what do you have in that box, Janice?


Lolly was an incredible and unique force of nature! Her energy and spirit
were enormous...Her wonderful and warm laugh filled every room ...............
She radiated such great joy and warmth...and was always so fascinated by
life. She was also a great and empathetic friend who shared her boundless
enthusiasm for my collections and was a great source of inspiration to me.

It is painful to imagine a world without Lolly in it and I will miss her

Jill Crawford


I'm so saddened to hear of Lolly's passing. I met her at the
Atlantique show some years ago, and always looked forward to speaking
with her there and sharing our mutual interest in silver jewelry. When
I last saw her, several years ago, she told me of her struggle with
cancer. She was truly a delightful, warm, engaging, and lovely woman.