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A wide, handmade sterling cuff with mother of pearl by Israeli jeweler, Rachel Gera; substantial cuff weighs about 4.1 ounces; about 1-1/2" wide; inside diameter approximately 2-1/2"; marked: "HANDMADE, GERA, 925, ISRAEL;" fine condition.

Price $1,500.00

 e-mail: mschonmodern@gmail.com



A truly beautiful, show-stopping, gold-washed sterling bracelet in an Etruscan revival style with opals, amethysts, and what I believe are garnets; about 1-1/2" wide; inside diameter is 2-1/4" (one way) and 2-5/8" (the other) because it slightly oval when closed; hinged with a pin closure that works well; shows some wear, but is in overall fine condition.

SOLD e-mail:  mschonmodern@gmail.com




Mechanical wind movement, watch face measures 1  1/2 long x wide.  Total length is 6 and the band is wide.

It is stamped on the inside of the band .800 with a makers mark, or C within a G .

Incabloc is a trade name for a type of shock absorbing device/spring used to protect the delicate parts of the mechanical watch escapement. It is probably the most widely used device of its kind and some watch manufacturers drew attention to it by referring to it on the watch dial itself.

You can find the  history on Kelek Watches http://www.artistsguilds.com/watches/Kelek.htm

Price: $350.00

e-mail: reuven@kassai.com

Great, industrial design aluminum neck tube with original case and box by Dutch modernists Frans Van Nieuwenborg and Martijn Wegman, c. 1972

This piece is pictured (with its case) in Jewelry of our time, art, ornament and obsession by Helen W. Drutt English and Peter Dormer.

The tube is made of two half circles that fit together tightly when closed; about 20" around the outside; inside diameter is approximately 4-3/4"; tube is signed with stylus: Frans Van Nieuwenborg/Martijn Wegman; some surface wear, otherwise fine condition with no dents.

Frans van Nieuwenborg and Martijn Wegman have cooperated as artists and industrial designers since 1972.  Apart from their work in the plastic arts they design lamps, jewelry and other objects which are manufactured either industrially or in small quantities by the artists themselves.

The timeless nature and clear composition characteristic of their designs gave them international recognition.  Their work is exhibited in museums all over the world. They are represented in many design collections including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. (from card enclosure with necklace)

SOLD  e-mail:  mschonmodern@gmail.com

Scandinavian     Mexican   American Mid 20th Century   Native American    European Modern & Israeli
 Contemporary & Designer       Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau   Jewelry for Men

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