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E x t r a o r d i n a r y
B o x e s :

the artistry of Mary Schimpff Webb

by Marbeth Schon

Mary Schimpff Webb's artistic career has spanned more than seven decades.  She is an extraordinary and versatile jeweler/ sculptor, whose work has been exhibited alongside such greats as Margaret De Patta, John Paul Miller and Bob Winston. 

She is a perfectionist
her flawless craftsmanship insures the lasting beauty and functionality of her work. 

The intricate, ingeniously designed boxes below attest to Mary's continuing artistry.

B i r d

The Bird is a sterling silver box with citrine eyes and 14k yellow gold beak and eye settings.

The body is cast and the wings and tail are constructed.

 The box opens by turning the feather under the neck. 

H i b i s c u s

The Hibiscus is a sterling silver box with red enameled petals.

The stamens are made of pearls and are lined with 14k yellow gold.

M e r m a i d

The Mermaid is a sterling silver box  that opens at the waist.  Her hair, bangle bracelets, eyelashes, mouth, and bra are 14k yellow gold.

A double strand of pearls makes up her necklace and her eyes are sapphires. Her left hand holds a turquoise fish and her right hand holds a coral branch.

G h o s t
O r c h i d

The Ghost Orchid is a sterling silver box with a white enameled orchid and a pearl stamen.



 5 t h

The 5th is a sterling silver box with a copper handle and lapis cubes.

T u r t l e

The Turtle is a sterling silver box with jeweler's bronze trim.  The eyes are emeralds set in 14k yellow gold.

The box unlocks when you turn the turtle's head.

Pe l i c a n

The Pelican is a sterling silver box with 14k yellow gold trim.  The eyes are emeralds. 

The box unlocks when you turn the pelican's head.


O w l

The Owl is a sterling silver box with citrine eyes trimmed with 14k yellow gold.

The breast of the owl opens. 



F r o g

The Frog is a sterling silver box with emerald eyes trimmed in 14k gold.



T w o - S i d e d

Two-Sided is a sterling silver box with lapis squares that opens on both sides.



C r a b

The Crab is a sterling silver box with copper. It has moveable claws and emerald eyes set in14k gold.






An exhibit titled, Mary Schimpff Webb - Artist/Jeweler will run from  September 6  to December 29, 2013 at the Museum of Florida Art, 600 North Woodland Boulevard, Deland, Florida.  This will be an intimate exhibit showcasing about fifteen pieces of Mary's jewelry accompanied by design drawings.

To read more about Mary Schimpff and her work, please see MODERN SILVER magazine, April, May, 2004:
Mary Schimpff-Webb, A Career Devoted to Excellence

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Photographs and descriptions courtesy of Mary Schimpff Webb

Web Design by Marbeth Schon

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