Back in 2001, I asked my co-editor Patrick Kapty to write a State of the Market report. This was not long after the September 11th tragedy.  When I re-read this report, I thought it had great relevance for today.  As we look back on what was perhaps an even more difficult time and realize how far we have come, perhaps it will give us hope and courage, during this difficult economic period, to keep searching for new solutions so that we can look forward to a much brighter future.

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 by Patrick Kapty


2001, a space odyssey?
Here, at the tail end of the year, it seems to me that it's a good time for an inner-space odyssey, a time for introspection and re-evaluation. With the events of the last few months behind us, and 2002 just around the corner, now is the time to cast off the tragedy and terror, and look deeply at how we can all together make 2002 the year that 2001 never had the chance to be.

This was made clear to me when a good friend, a holdout from the general doom and gloom mind-set, recently told me that he was starting to succumb to the darker view of things to come. Of course, we all have a million and one things happening in our lives quite apart from the larger events in the world, and it is infinitely easy to fall into established ways of thinking, and not look for new solutions to the unique problems of today.

So, what's the answer for a brighter 2002?
Another friend just this last week described to me her plans for tapping an overlooked market for her particular niche of couture jewelry, and her other plans to diversify in an increasingly difficult business climate. This seems to me to be the best course to chart in the coming months. Change is in the air, and has been for quite some time in the collectibles market. We should all look around for new ways to market the products that are near and dear to our hearts to new clientele, and in new situations or settings. Of course, in every instance there will be different answers for the different difficulties posed by the economic situation faced by each of us. New times demand a new outlook, and the response required is that we adapt ourselves and our expectations so that we may make the best of the interesting year ahead.

Many happy wishes to all for 2002!

 Article by Patrick Kapty
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